ALBUM: Deadmau5 & Reveret – Where’s the drop? (ZIP FILE + ITUNES)

Deadmau5 & ReveretWhere’s the drop? Album Zip Download

Deadmau5 & Reveret – Where’s the drop? (ZIP FILE + ITUNES)

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, or better known as Deadmau5, just announced his new “Where’s the drop?” and it’s release date of March 30th. The album will be a collaborative release with Reveret, featuring 17 orchestral songs that the duo recorded in the famed EastWest Studios in Hollywood and be released exclusively on TIDAL.

Track list (Standard):

1. Imaginary Friends
2. Luxuria
3. Coelacanth
4. Acedia
5. Avaritia
6. Monophobia
7. Gula
8. Invidia
9. Unjaded
10. Ira
11. Fn Pig
12. Hr 8938 Cephei
13. Superbia
14. Caritas
15. Strobe


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