ALBUM LEAK: AKA – Touch My Blood

AKA Touch My Blood.

ALBUM LEAK AKA – Touch My Blood Album Zip Download

AKA Touch My Blood.

Having a good year so far, AKA has spilled more juice on his much-anticipated album.
In an interview with Anele on ‘Real Talk With Anele,’ SupaMega confirmed that his 2018 album titled ‘Touch My Blood’ will release in May. Even though a release date has not been announced.

He has paved way for the album with two new fire single ‘StarSigns’ feat Stogie T and ‘Sweet Fire’ which is a dedication to the late Ray Phiri and Stimela band. And we strongly believe this is not the end of it, you can actually expect some more single before the album release.

So be sure to stay tuned for deets on the album.

Musician’s are hella dramatic. So much so that we think that they could give SA actors a run for their money.

One stunt that musician’s have always pulled though is that one about retiring from the game. For a variety of reasons artists have quit and, eventually, returned to the game. The latest artist to join this craze is, apparently, the Supa Mega himself.

Over the weekend a fan chose to give praise to the Mega over what we assume were the snippets from his upcoming album which he posted on his Instastories. The Mega responded saying that he feels that this upcoming album is his best…and it’ll possibly be his last?

Let me take this little time to ask you rap enthusiasts, do you realize that this is the month of march? You probably just said “and so?”. Let me bring it to your memory that this is the release month of the long awaited A.K.A album.

Touch My Blood

This venture, if judged by the hype and anticipation surrounding it shows promise of being a landmark project. Not just in the rap world, but also as a feat for AKA’s soaring career.

AKA Touch My Blood

Mega Super, as he is fondly called by fans, seems to have captured the hearts of African rap fans and wouldn’t let go. His soulful lines, infused with rather pop-sounding melodies are a constant fixture on rap playlists on radio and TV.

Every offering of his’ instantly translates into a must-have-in-the-cart for his teeming fans. However, the Nigerian market, the center of music in Africa, if you will, has constantly being a slippery fish for him.

A sweep across his social media and all of his online presence reveals that most people talking about the album are South Africans. Does that mean that the album’s vibe hasn’t spread other parts of the continent? If so, what does it say about the sleepless issue concerning the nonchalance of music fans towards indigenous music.

The reality is this; an upcoming act in, say, Yankee gets much coverage of his art here in Africa, even over our established acts. If not, why has a potential classic like “Touch My Blood” from one of Africa’s front line rappers been mostly ignored by Nigerians?. This, I think, calls for a re-appraisal of our music consumption.

Why set your sights far off, dear African rap fan. Have you given A.K.A a chance? Most times what we seek far away is close to us. Forget about Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Young Thug and the rest for just this month. Introduce your head phones to A.K.A’s #TouchMyBlood, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

AKA has updated fans on the progress of what may become his last studio album. The rapper has been working over time putting final touches to the album that has been titled “Touch My Blood”.

He wrote on his official twitter page, “1 track left and I’m finished with the album … nearly there,”.

AKA has also rekindled his working relationship with his former most trusted produced Tweezy. AKA’s manager confirmed that Tweezy produced one of the songs on Touch My Blood. Stay tuned for more updates.

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