Earl Sweatshirt Type -BeatMick Jenkins

Earl Sweatshirt Type -BeatMick Jenkins

Earl Sweatshirt Type -BeatMick Jenkins mp3 download

Earl Sweatshirt Type -BeatMick Jenkins.Mick Jenkins is one of the game’s deepest lyricists, no discussion. Potential was there from the seminal Trees & Truths and it only since blossomed. Though many feel as if The Waters remains Mick’s quintessential project, the six-five Chicago rapper has been entering a more experimental state of late. Wading through rugged and dark instrumentals, Mick’s recent pair of Or More drops have found the rapper exploring new sonic territory. The harsher, more lo-fi direction has plenty of fans excited; luckily, Mick’s reference game and clever penmanship have yet to dwindle.

Enter the low-key standout “Earl SweatshirtType Beat”, in which he spits over a Mistermojo instrumental straight from YouTube. Mick waltzes effortlessly over the hazy production, with a wandering flow reminiscent of the track’s namesake. His literary background is evident as he drops off bars on George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a clever reminder of his poetic sensibilities. Still, with that baritone, Mick never fails to exude a welcome sense of simmering menace.

Quotable Lyrics

Like a chill, we don’t know no chill
Uppercuts to your grill on my George Foreman
Animals with me like I’m George Orwell
You been forewarned boy, I’m brainstorming
I’m up late, no James Quarter, no camcorders


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