Tekashi 6ix9ine Cops $300K Iced Out Jigsaw Chain


Tekashi 6ix9ine Cops $300K Iced Out Jigsaw Chain

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s been the talk on the internet this past week. The lead up to his debut project’s release was filled with controversy stemming from the NBA All Star Weekend. While he managed to make it out of Los Angeles in one piece, he’s had to deal with issues in other cities. However, all of that worked out as he’s been building awareness for his brand and his project. Now that the project is out, the rapper decided to cop himself a brand new piece.

Tekashi just copped a new chain from Jimmy Boi in celebration of his debut project Day69 dropping. The rapper’s new piece has an iced out head of Jigsaw from the Saw franchise that he claims costed him $300K. The new piece matches the tattoo of Jigsaw’s face that 6ix9ine has on his cheek. This marks the second expensive piece of jewelry he’s copped since the beginning of the year. The spinning “69” chain he copped in January was $150K.

Clearly, Tekashi’s been getting some money to blow. Jimmy Boi asked 6ix9ine how he managed to afford the chains. He simply replied that his time in L.A. got him paid.

While the chain serves as a celebration for the release of his latest project, Jimmy Boi shared a post of the chain with a message about how his latest creation was a win for all Southern jewelers who’ve caught flack in the past for their work. You could read the whole caption below as well as a detailed look at 6ix9ine’s new chain.

Since I can remember Texas jewelers always were hated on cause they said we do bad quality work. What people didn't realize was it wasn't that they did bad work it was they were dealing with low budgets. People would come in wanting a g unit spinning piece that cost 50 or more but wanna spend 20 or less. So being for the consumers they would make the piece as best as they could for the budget they were given. The reason I bring this up is because when I decided to become a jeweler I promised myself I would beat the statistic and prove the world wrong. That Texas/ Southern jewelers could do good, quality and creative work. From my standard quality diamond to my honesty of diamonds I used I came in the industry not working with budgets but showing people what quality work was so they can understand you get what you pay for. I learn more and more each day as jeweler but more importantly as an Artist. As time goes I will only get better but I just wanna say that this project wasn't just about me… This W is for all southern jewelers out there. I say that because we can make the same or better jewelry as anyone else but some choose to just take the easy way out. This is for the world to see that anything can be done especially with #TeamDoneRight and you ain't gotta pay the retarded price as the rest of them. RiP to all you haters the GAME IS OVER Ima earn my respect GOD BLESS #DoneRight #THESTREETSJEWELER #billythepuppet #JigSaw #Saw #IAmAStreetDream

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